CD - Now There's No Room - 8th September Release

Super excited about the official release of the CD album 'Now There's No Room' less than a week away - on the 8th September. This is a limited run, so if you want a copy, you should get your order in! You can pre-order right now, and it's at the perfectly reasonable price of £6.93 + £2.00 postage and packing.                               

The CD album includes an extra track and number of interludes that tie the songs together. These are only available on the CD version. 

1 The Sibylline Books

2 Now There's No Room

3 Misunderstood

* Trope - interlude 

4 Suit 

* Salt - interlude 

5 The Barefoot Chocolate Maker

6 Theme  (extra track)

7 Marionettes 

* Glass Bubble - interlude 

8 Panopticon / Rome Burns 

* Greetings from Earth - interlude 

9 The Last Song

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