Maellenkleth srith Perklaren 

Here's the first piece based on M. A. Foster's 'The Gameplayers of Zan'. 

The novel opens with a chapter from the viewpoint of Maellenkleth srith Perklaren, a 'New Human' currently held captive in a sensory deprivation chamber, having been so far unsuccessfully interrogated by her captors, the 'forerunners'. 

They know she's hiding something important, and she knows that when they eventually release her from the box, she will be so broken that she will tell them what she absolutely must not divulge.  To tell them will be to destroy the destiny of her people that some of them have been secretly working towards for centuries, (and that neither we as readers, nor the forerunners know anything of at this point). 

She reviews her life, reliving happy memories, but always returning to the thought that she has no choice now but to 'autoforget'.  This is something that the New Humans can do - but it's a terrible action that means they don't just forget certain things, but everything they've ever learned.  She will be an adolescent with the mind of a baby - knowing nothing of her past - unable to speak, or even walk. 

At the end of the chapter, she finds the knot in the weave of her character, unties it and unravels her mind.

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